Trusted and used by over 80% of the UK life insurance market

iGPR has transformed the way medical evidence is handled for insurance applications.  Our end-to-end electronic process is now used across all the major life-insurance providers in the UK and integrates with all the principal clinical systems in NHS General Practice.


  • Receive and send data securely over the NHS HSCN network

  • Reduced turnaround times with our end-to-end digital process

  • Rich customer data reduces risk profile

  • Receive structured data for automated underwriting

  • API available to integrate directly with case management systems

  • MI dashboard information


Improve customer experience being able to make faster decisions on policies
Receiving standardised reports enables underwriters to be more efficient
No paper administration or postage costs
Full support and training from our team

iGPR is used by the leading life-insurance providers in the UK

iGPR for Insurers

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