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iGPR Basic



  • Improve compliance with GDPR
  • Receive electronic requests from our connected Insurance partners and process insurance requests received in paper
  • Process detailed, redacted medical reports and Subject Access Requests
  • Secure encrypted delivery to requesting third parties
  • No paper processing
  • Training and full support
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iGPR Premium



  • Improve compliance with GDPR
  • Record Screening for Patient Online Access
  • DWP Reporting
  • Updates and new reports added regularly
  • Can be used on unlimited number of workstations in the Practice
  • Unlimited training and full support
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based on list-size

  • Off-site storage of paper records, freeing up space in your Practice
  • Collection and cataloguing of all paper records
  • noteSpace software to recall and return records as needed
  • Training provided
  • Full support whenever you need it
  • High-quality service, recommended by Practices
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noteSpace Digital


based on list-size

  • Digitisation of paper records
  • Options to digitise over time
  • Collect, digitise and store new registrations
  • Option to shred following digitisation, or continue to deep store
  • Follow-on service available to collect, store and digitise new registrations after initial contract
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  • iGPR Basic
  • iGPR Premium
  • noteSpace
  • noteSpace Digital

Our free software gives GPs confidence when processing Insurance Reports and Subject Access Requests

iGPR makes producing reports quick and easy and supports compliance. GPs can save valuable time when producing reports by using iGPR to redact and review sensitive and third party information, then sending electronically to requesting third parties.

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  • Send end-to-end encrypted insurance reports and process insurance reports still received in paper

  • Provided at no cost to GP Practices

  • Produce audit reports detailing any redactions made

  • Trusted and used by over 80% of the UK life insurance market to send insurance report requests

  • Automatically redact sensitive and third party information. Features powerful tools to make reviewing and redaction easy

  • Process redacted Subject Access Requests – Import scanned Lloyd George notes and process both paper and electronic records


  • Fully compliant with the guidance on electronic insurance requests from the BMA

  • Improve GDPR compliance by removing sensitive and third party information automatically from reports

  • Fully digital process reducing workload for practice staff

  • Provide more accurate information for patient insurance reports

  • A more secure way to share patient information for insurance reporting purposes

  • Powerful redaction tools keep you in full control over information included in reports

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iGPR Premium includes our full suite of helpful reports designed to cut through GP daily workload

The Premium report suite features record screening for patient online access, DWP reporting and new reports and updates added regularly.

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  • Record screening report for reviewing records prior to granting a patient online access. Developed in collaboration with NHS England's Patient Online team

  • DWP reporting makes quick work of forms requiring no paper administration

  • Immediate and friendly support from our team, whenever you need it, via phone or online chat – we're here to help

  • Save reports for further work later, or for review by another member of staff

  • Regular updates and new reports added at no additional cost

  • Available to use on all workstations in the Practice


  • Gain confidence when sharing your patient information securely

  • Fully digital processes reducing workload for practice staff

  • Available to all staff in the practice for easy workflow

  • Assist with GDPR compliance by removing sensitive and third party data from reports. Powerful redaction tools make reviewing and redacting easy

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CQC compliant off-site record storage

Store Lloyd George and paper records securely off-site with noteSpace. Access patient records on demand and release space to improve staff and patient facilities and services. noteSpace meets CQC requirements for records storage security standards.

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  • Staff training and support on hand to ensure teams are able to take full advantage of noteSpace features

  • Records are collected, catalogued, barcoded and boxed at a time to suit the Practice

  • Weekly pick-up and delivery of new and requested records

  • Secure off-site record storage for Lloyd George and paper records

  • Easy-to-use software to manage flow of records from storage to the Practice - all data processed within the HSCN network

  • Digitisation option available, digitise your records over a period of time to spread costs


  • Improved security against fire, flood and theft

  • Fully compliant with CQC requirements for records management

  • Quick and easy access to patient records on demand

  • Increase space for GPs that can be used for revenue generating activities

  • Improve patient facilities such as easier patient access, waiting areas and treatment availability by releasing space

  • Improve environment for practice staff

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Lloyd George and A4 medical record digitisation

Release valuable space, reduce staff workload and improve patient safety in your General Practice with our fully managed Lloyd George & A4 medical record digitisation service.

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  • Fully managed service ensures there is no impact on staff time in preparing the Lloyd George records, as part of the digitisation process.

  • Records are collected, catalogued, barcoded and boxed at a time to suit the Practice.

  • Records are digitised to BS10008:14 standard and then returned securely to your Practice for direct attachment to the clinical record.

  • Deep storage of the paper Lloyd George records in our secure off-site storage facilities forms part of the solution, giving complete confidence that the records are available to look at physically if needed and for quality assurance purposes during the digitisation process.

  • noteSpace 'follow-on' service ensures that when the scanning is complete, new records coming into the Practice are captured on an ongoing basis rather than being added to staff workload.

  • Secure destruction to BS EN 15713 standard or ongoing deep storage.


  • Improve patient care by being able to access the complete, legacy medical record at the point of care delivery.

  • Release space to improve patient facilities such as easier patient access, waiting areas and treatment availability, or use the space for additional revenue generating activities.

  • Reduce administration time by removing the need to photocopy records for Subject Access and the need to manually locate paper records.

  • Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged records and the threat of losing records to fire or flood.

  • The original Lloyd George record is held in deep storage giving assurance the record is available if needed.

  • New records are collected and digitised as part of a regular visit to the Practice during the contract.

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“I would be happy to stand in front of the ICO and say hand on heart that the iGPR process is better than a human intervention.”

Jennie Dock, Practice Manager

Many thanks for your assistance earlier today.  As a first time user of the system, it was nice to see how simple and effective the automated process is.  Reassuringly, full control of a medical record can be kept and redaction (further than that already done) can be applied at all phases. A simple system that I will adopt into the practice, saving time and money.

Andy Winks

St. Clements Partnership

With many investments you have to wait a long time to see the benefit, but with noteSpace the benefit is realised straight away.

Neil Carter

Practice Manager, Cherrymead Surgery

Over 23 thousand patients in Bromley now have access to detail coded records online and that is massively due to this product saving practices and patients time. I have very much enjoyed working with you to achieve this.

Jess Seal

Primary Care Commissioning Development Lead, Bromley CCG

We have been using noteSpace™ for more than 3 years and have found the whole process from initial collection of notes into storage to the ongoing day-to-day management, very professional and well organised. I would not hesitate in recommending noteSpace to any surgeries considering undertaking this project.

Mandy Shaw

Head of Compliance & Governance, Your Health Partnership

We now have an additional three consulting rooms because we signed up to noteSpace.

Catherine Bateman

Practice Manager, Lion Health Surgery