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Giving you confidence

All of our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

iGPR is the #1 market leading, trusted provider of redaction and medical reporting software extensively used by UK General Practice.

We are the only provider officially partnered and integrated with multiple UK Insurers.

This means we undergo regular and certifiable due diligence by Insurers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

iGPR Experts who complete our reports are current and former NHS staff and have undergone formal data protection training. Reports are overseen by our internal DPO and our vastly experienced and qualified Head of Governance and Compliance and are subject to external quality assurance by an independent DPO.

The protection and security of patient data is at the heart of everything we do. We are held to the highest standards of Information Governance such as Cyber Essentials Plus and DSP Toolkit.

As part of the NHS Digital GP IT Futures Framework we submit to rigorous scrutiny to demonstrate that our products meet the exacting standards of safety and compliance.

Providing instant relief

Fast report turnaround provides relief for patients. Our SLAs guarantee reports are processed within:

  • Electronic Insurance Reports: 7 days
  • Paper Insurance Reports: 21 days
  • DWP Reports: 21 days
  • Subject Access Requests: 28 days

See full status visibility for every instruction sent to us with the option of GP review.

Absolute control with instant relief.

No more chase calls from solicitors, insurance and patients.

We take care of this.

ONLY AVAILABLE TO iGPR, Insurance reports from our official Insurer partners are electronically delivered to us bypassing the Practice completely. Instant workload relief.

The process of moving to outsourcing is so simple, hand over the workload today.

Cancel anytime. No 3 month contract. No restrictions.

We may also be able to take some or all of any outstanding backlog of Medical Reports and SARs. Talk to us for more information.

Pricing options



Set your standard report fee
e.g. a standard fee of £100

£20 admin cost per report means the Practice retains £80 per report

A Practice that receives 10 reports per month will earn £800 resulting in £9,600 over the year for ZERO work

Give us all the workload
and let us take care of the rest

Report fees retained by iGPR

Why wouldn't you?

Simply put your feet up and hand over all of the workload

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