Many interesting things land on the desk at iGPR. 

Seriously, you never know whats coming next!

Physically or electronically. 

You’d be amazed.

But more of that in future posts...


On my mind today is the very large patient report that was printed out and posted to a third party by a practice.

That landed on our desk.


Because it was accidentally damaged in the post.  Envelope was ripped, pages were missing but plenty of information remained. Many pages in fact.

No, it wasn’t requested by us. We don’t view or store data, remember? 

But a practice had used iGPR to redact third party references and sensitive information from a report (that had been requested by a third party) before they printed that report and sent it in the post, instead of sending electronically. And our logo was on some of the pages.

For that reason I guess we were identified as perhaps a trusted address to forward on what remained. (We are by the way. We were able to identify and inform the practice so that they could follow the correct process and we destroyed the paper report that had arrived at our office).

It must happen often but unfortunately it won’t always be our desk that patient’s most personal and confidential information lands on.

Who knows where it goes? And how far it can travel?

SARs, insurance and reports of all kinds are requested for patients and are physically printed and posted all of the time.

They don’t need to be.  

Practices that use iGPR can stop requesting paper reports. 


Stop printing.

Stop posting. 

Reduce your risk.


Third parties can partner with iGPR to request reports electronically so that practices don’t have to keep sending paper.

It’s not safe and there is an alternative, how long can we responsibly keep processing paper?

We want to help you to keep patient information more secure, help the practice with compliance and reduce workload.  

We’re always available to help and answer ALL of your questions. We’re super friendly and no question is too silly. Just ask!