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How is iGPR Basic provided for free to GP Practices?

iGPR Basic is provided free of charge due to our contractual arrangements with our Insurer partners.  Due to the uptake of electronic insurance reporting in iGPR, we are delighted that as of 2019 we can include Subject Access Reporting in the free version of iGPR to help Practices with the increased workload since the introduction of the GDPR.

What is your background?

We have more than 25 years of experience in IT for Primary Care - creating and delivering market leading software & service solutions used by thousands of GP Practices.  The daily challenges faced by GPs is always at the focus of what we do.
Learn more about our founder Guy Bridgewater and his background supporting GPs for more than 25 years on our about page.

How does redaction work in iGPR?

iGPR's redaction technology automatically redacts information about third parties who are not the patient and information that could be harmful to the patient if disclosed.  The tools within iGPR makes it easy to make further redactions where necessary and depending on the purpose of the request.

iGPR will redact coded entries, free-text and attachments.

What security measures are in place with iGPR?

The iGPR data-centre is hosted within the NHS HSCN private network.  For end-to-end reports, all patient data is encrypted when processing the report and during transmission using NHS-approved encryption technology.

Do you retain any patient information?

We do not retain or store any patient information and we are not a data controller for patient information.  

For end-to-end-reports, we are a data processor.  Any patient information is cleansed from our system following successful delivery to the requesting organisation, leaving only audit information.

How do I know if the patient has given their consent?

For electronic insurance reports, the patient's consent form will be included with the request.  The software prompts you to review and accept their consent before you may process a report.

For reports received in paper, you should review the paper consent form enclosed with the request.

Will I be given training on how to use iGPR?

Certainly - our support team are here to answer your queries and provide training daily from 9-5.30pm Monday - Friday. You can also get in touch by email, web-chat or any of our social channels.

How will GPs be paid for producing insurance reports?

This remains as before, with fees negotiated between your Practice and the requesting Insurer.  For electronic insurance reports, iGPR enables you to negotiate this fee directly in the software.

Can iGPR be used to complete all insurance reports?

Yes, for all Insurers live with iGPR they can send a request directly to your iGPR inbox.  For Insurers still using paper, use iGPR to produce a report for your patient and send to the Insurer – we recommend saving an encrypted report and sending via NHS secure mail, saving on postage costs and improving security.

Will it work with our clinical system?

iGPR works with all the major clinical systems in the UK.

Which bodies and organisations were consulted with on the development of the product?

We have consulted with Legal & General, the BMA, RCGP, ABI and the ICO on the development of the product.

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