NoteSpace offers GPs secure off-site record storage and easy access to patient records. As well as releasing space for practices to use for additional consulting rooms or alternative revenue generating activities, noteSpace also meets CQC requirements for records storage security standards.



  • Staff training and support on hand to ensure teams are able to take full advantage of noteSpace features

  • Records are collected, catalogued, barcoded and boxed at a time to suit the Practice

  • Weekly pick-up and delivery of new and requested records

  • Secure off-site record storage for Lloyd George and paper records

  • Easy-to-use software to manage flow of records from storage to the Practice - all data processed within the HSCN network

  • Digitisation option available, digitise your records over a period of time to spread costs


Improved security against fire, flood and theft
Fully compliant with CQC requirements for records management
Quick and easy access to patient records on demand
Increase space for GPs that can be used for revenue generating activities
Improve patient facilities such as easier patient access, waiting areas and treatment availability by releasing space
Improve environment for practice staff

With many investments you have to wait a long time to see the benefit, but with noteSpace the benefit is realised straight away.

Neil Carter

Practice Manager, Cherrymead Surgery

We now have an additional three consulting rooms because we signed up to noteSpace.

Catherine Bateman

Practice Manager, Lion Health Surgery


Once an order is placed, is there a long wait to remove records?

After an initial practice survey your records are collected at the earliest convenience and the uplift is typically completed in a day.  Some practices records have been collected within 24 hours.

Can records be collected out of practice hours?

Yes.  Saturdays work very well and records can also be collected during the week.

Can A4 folders be stored?

Any size medical record can be stored.

Can urgent requests for records be dealt with?

Yes.  The scan on demand service securely delivers a digital copy of the record over the HSCN network, to the practice in 4 hours.  This is often used when a practice is preparing a SAR.

A same or next day courier service is also an option if the original paper record is required.

Do we need to retain any records onsite?

Records still to be summarised and those needed for third party requests e.g. SAR’s should be retained.

Is there a procedure for recovery of records in the event that systems are inaccessible?

Yes.  The service includes telephone and email support to ensure constant access to your records in the event that systems are down.

Where are the physical records stored?

Records are stored in the regional storage facilities of our partner Box-it and their parent company Oasis Group. For more information please visit our Information Governance or GDPR page.

Is noteSpace only suitable for GPs?

noteSpace is a bespoke service for GP Practices.  If you have a different requirement please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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  • Off-site storage of paper records, freeing up space in your Practice
  • Collection and cataloguing of all paper records
  • noteSpace software to recall and return records as needed
  • Training provided
  • Full support whenever you need it
  • High-quality service, recommended by Practices
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noteSpace Digital

  • Digitisation of paper records
  • Options to digitise over time
  • Collect, digitise and store new registrations
  • Option to shred following digitisation, or continue to deep store
  • Follow-on service available to collect, store and digitise new registrations after initial contract
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