We currently manage millions of Lloyd George records for General Practices across the UK.

Release valuable space, reduce staff workload and improve patient safety in your General Practice with our fully managed Lloyd George & A4 medical record digitisation service.



  • Fully managed service ensures there is no impact on staff time in preparing the Lloyd George records, as part of the digitisation process.

  • Records are collected, catalogued, barcoded and boxed at a time to suit the Practice.

  • Records are digitised to BS10008:14 standard and then returned securely to your Practice for direct attachment to the clinical record.

  • Deep storage of the paper Lloyd George records in our secure off-site storage facilities forms part of the solution, giving complete confidence that the records are available to look at physically if needed and for quality assurance purposes during the digitisation process.

  • noteSpace 'follow-on' service ensures that when the scanning is complete, new records coming into the Practice are captured on an ongoing basis rather than being added to staff workload.

  • Secure destruction to BS EN 15713 standard or ongoing deep storage.


Improve patient care by being able to access the complete, legacy medical record at the point of care delivery.
Release space to improve patient facilities such as easier patient access, waiting areas and treatment availability, or use the space for additional revenue generating activities.
Reduce administration time by removing the need to photocopy records for Subject Access and the need to manually locate paper records.
Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged records and the threat of losing records to fire or flood.
The original Lloyd George record is held in deep storage giving assurance the record is available if needed.
New records are collected and digitised as part of a regular visit to the Practice during the contract.


How quickly can you digitise a Practice's Lloyd George records?

We agree with you the period of time for digitisation and can then remove the records from your Practice almost immediately.

What preparation work does the Practice have to do?

noteSpace Digital is a fully managed service.  Our friendly team will visit your Practice, collect, transport, catalogue, digitise and deep store your Patient paper records

What standard are Lloyd George records digitised to?

Records are scanned to BS10008:2014 - a formal British Standard accreditation created and audited by the British Standards Institute.

Are the digitised records searchable?

Yes, the images are provided as searchable PDF files.

Does a Practice have to scan records for newly registered patients?

No, we will do that for you during the contract period.  The service includes a fortnightly collection of newly registered patient records for digitisation.  Following the initial contract we also offer a 'follow-on' service, enabling the collection of new records in the same way after your digitisation is complete.

What happens if we need an original Lloyd George record?

The service includes a fortnightly delivery of records (requested as needed through the noteSpace software) back to the Practice on a temporary, or permanent basis.

Can we continue your service if required?

Yes, our 'follow-on' service means we can continue to collect records for digitisation and deep storage or secure destruction after your original digisiation project.

What happens to the original Lloyd George records?

The original records can be held in deep storage for as long as required, giving GP's comport that they are accessible if needed following digitisation.

Can the Lloyd George records be destroyed once digitised?

The Lloyd George envelope must be retained.  Once scanned, the contents can be securely destroyed to standard BS15713 and a Destruction Certificate provided.

Is the scanned record attached to the electronic patient record?

Images can either be manually attached to records in the clinical system over a period of time, or there is an optional, automated process (bulk-insert) available for attaching to patient records held in any of the principal NHS clinical systems.

Our records have already been scanned, can you digitise the records for newly registered patients so we don't have to do it?

Yes, our 'follow-on' service is available even if you didn't complete the initial digitisation with noteSpace Digital.  It includes a scheduled collection of new records, digitisation and either deep storage or secure destruction and disposal.

How are the digitised Lloyd George records attached to my clinical system?

You can attach them manually or we can provide a ‘bulk’ insertion routine to automate this.

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