Since the changes in data protection legislation under GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018 we know that SARs have become increasingly time consuming and costly, taking time away from providing core patient services. In short, you are tearing your hair out!

Amid all the demands of the Practice, Subject Access reporting needs careful consideration and to ensure compliance certain information needs to be redacted. Put simply:

  1. Information on non-medical third parties
  2. Information that may cause harm to the patient
  3. Information that is subject to a court order, is privileged, or subject to fertilisation or adoption legislation

Additionally, and frustratingly, Practices in most cases will not be able to charge for this time-consuming work and furthermore have a reduced time limit to process these reports of 28 days.

How can I reduce the workload and time needed to complete SARs whilst improving compliance?

There are software solutions available that can do much of the work involved with responding to these requests and it would appear to be free. Still need convincing?

What do I need to ask the software provider?

From January 2019, Niche Health have announced that Subject Access Reporting is now completely free of charge in iGPR, made possible by increasing numbers of Practices using the system for electronic insurance reporting. 

Niche Health believe trust is key for Practices when providing this service and confirm that they do not hold, save or store patient data for the processing of these requests.  Sharon Forrester-Wild of South Cheshire GP Alliance and Vale Royal GP Alliance shares, “Niche Health’s iGPR software helps to make short work of SARs. Easy to use software and a great team behind it, the software has increased our ability to handle SARs quickly and efficiently.  More importantly, we trust them.”