There's only one established electronic reporting solution for GP practices - iGPR. Now, SARs reporting is available at no cost. It's never been a better time to switch off your printer and process your SARs on-screen instead.


What is iGPR?

iGPR demonstrates how technology can save time and make your life easier. It replaces paper processes for general practice reporting, including:


  1. Subject access requests (SARs)
  2. Medical reports for life insurers
  3. DWP reporting and other common GP forms


It helps GPs to produce accurate reports and helps with GDPR compliance. There's no need to print out patient records, which is safer, great for the environment and saves you money.


iGPR's automatic redaction screens medical notes, and blocks out sensitive and third-party information. The system redacts details from coded data, free-text and attachments. Reviewing the redactions on-screen lets you stay in control of the data you include.


The need for electronic SARs

Since 25 May 2018, GPs have not been able to charge patients or third parties for processing SARs. At the same time, SARs are a growing administrative burden for GP practices. Recent BMA research exposed a 36 per cent increase in the number of requests. GPs are now receiving 1.25 million SARs each year.

Now consider how primary care is under increasing pressure. There's a shortage of GPs and patients are more demanding than ever before.

Electronic SARs offer a simple way to save time and easy this pressure. If you print the patient's record, a typical SAR might need around half an hour to process. By comparison, an electronic SAR is as fast as a couple of mouse clicks and as long as you need to review the redactions.

It's not only about saving time though. Electronic SARs are safer to send than paper, and iGPR enables you to save a password-encrypted report to send on a CD, or via NHS Secure email.


There's no charge

The SARs feature of iGPR is now available free-of-charge to GP practices. You'll have everything you need to process SARs (and insurance reports too). It works with all UK clinical systems and is pre-installed at most practices.


Get started

Book your installation to begin using iGPR for SARs. We have a host of training resources that will help you to get started and our friendly support team are always on hand if you want to talk – 01527 570005.

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